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Every Can-Combo includes a recommended flange. Flanges are also available separately for your specific needs in 4",5", 6”, 8”, 10”, 12”, 14",16",18", & 20" sizes

Please note:

   10" flange outside diameter is 13.5"


Speed Control


"It's not control over your fan, it's Can-Trol"

The Can-Trol Speed Controller.


Built in Amp meter,

Grounded Receptacle,

Illuminating ON/OFF switch,

This high quality Auto-Transformer type control is the answer for mastery over your airflow.

By providing a smooth sinusoidal wave to your fan it eliminates any motor hum and unnecessary strain on the motor.

*This is the required control to use  with your 12" Max-Fan.

** Fans should not be reduced more than 50%, this allows for airflow to cool the motor**



4, 6, 8 & 16 Hole Plates are designed for use with Bayonet type mounting systems. Use with the 2600 Can-Filter or the 9000 Can-Filter.
Backdraft Dampers




These newly developed back-draft dampers are manufactured with quality components and precision engineering.
The back-draft damper is used to prevent air from reverse flowing through the fan (when powered off) which allows no contaminated air to escape from the area untreated.
Can-Filters recommends the usage of back-draft dampers as another line of defense against odor control.

Can-Filters Backdraft Dampers are available in 6 different sizes from 4" to 14"


Mufflers are used to reduce outlet or inlet noise. Available in 2 sizes, the Original sized Muffler will fit your 8"-12" fans, and the new Mini Muffler will fit your 4"-8" fans .

Original Muffler:
Diameter: 14.5"

Length: 46"

Insulation Bed Depth: 2.5"

Mini Muffler:

Diameter: 11 7/8"

Length: 24"
Insulation Bed Depth: 2"



Very low air resistance, Easily changed, Blocks dust and other contaminants from entering filter. Available in all sizes.

A clean Can-Filters Pre-Filter is an excellent way of extending the working life of your Can-Filter.

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