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Built in Silencer

Available in 10" and 12" Design

10" Q Max Fan - 1024 CFM

12" Q Max Fan - 1708 CFM

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Even more Efficient and Stronger than the original Max-Fan™ design, the
Max-Fan PRO SERIES™ has a much more Robust housing due to the fiberglass
Reinforced plastic compounds that meet all of the UL and CSA requirements.
Quieter, Stronger, 3 Speed Control and True Performance.

MAX 6" PRO SERIES 420 CFM* --> EZ Mount - 66 Watts
MAX 8" PRO SERIES 863 CFM* --> EZ Mount - 179 Watts
MAX 16" PRO SERIES 2299 CFM* --> 3.5 Amps - 349 Watts







CF Group Inc., a leader in air filtration innovation, Welcomes you to their entire Family of products. CAN-FAN® , CAN-FILTERS® , 38 SPECIAL(TM) , Can-Lite and Max-Fan . With these tried and tested products , you can feel confident you are getting the best for your ventilation needs. CF Group Inc. can truly deliver on the promise of producing top quality products.


    - VOC removal              - Pollution Control            - Paint booth

- Greenhouses              - Laboratories                  - Airports

    - Manufacturing             - Waste Disposal             - Hair Salons

    - Clean Rooms              - Hospitals                      - Fabrication

          - Cafeteria                     - Schools                        - Locker Rooms

                                                                               - Washrooms

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